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How to Download Twitter Videos Using TwitterClip

How to Download Twitter Video Step 1
Step 1

Navigate to the tweet that contains the video and click the share icon located on the tweet.

How to Download Twitter Video Step 2
Step 2

From the share options that appear, click on Copy Link to copy the tweet's URL.

How to Download Twitter Video Step 3
Step 3

Paste the copied tweet link into the input URL box provided above and click Download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! TwitterClip is completely free of cost. To download a Twitter video, simply enter the Tweet URL containing the video and click "Download". It's that easy!

No, there are no hourly or daily limits on video downloads with TwitterClip. Feel free to download an unlimited number of videos at your convenience.

No, downloading videos or GIFs from private accounts or tweets is not possible with our app.

Downloaded videos are typically stored in the “Download” folder of your browser. If you're having trouble finding your video, check your browser’s download history to locate it.

Yes, it's important to ensure that the videos you download from Twitter are not copyrighted, or that you have obtained permission from the author for use. Journalists may use portions of copyrighted videos for research purposes, but this is dependent on the laws of your specific country.

No, does not keep any records of download history or host video files on its server. We ensure that all videos you download are directly fetched from their respective CDN servers to your device, without storing any copyrighted or pirated content, thereby maintaining your privacy and security.